Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Is Here

Or, "Is it?" one might ask.

Being up here in Algonquin most of the month of April I definitely flip-flopped on the idea. It all started with a hiking trip in Killarney during the beginning of the month with freezing rain that left the various rock faces as ice sheets. Then came continual back to back days of stunningly warm and rain free weather until the month wrapped up on the 27th with a day trip of sea-kayaking around Kawawaymog Lake topped with a cookout lunch on a beautiful island point. Our guests, two new friends from Dubai, went on a beautiful 19 degree excursion of canoeing the day before, and then for our cookout... SNOW??? The flip-flopping resumed with a return to normal May weather for staff spring training, only to have everyone depart and there be two inches of snow on the ground the very next day.

Well I feel safe in saying that I believe the snow is finished, summer is coming and along with it another season of fantastic memorable experiences in the beautiful Canadian wilderness of Algonquin Park.

I look forward to seeing you out there.

Happy Trails,

Matt (the end guide in the photo)