Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is HERE!

Yup, it is official. With rain showers and the occasional truly warm day, we must sadly say goodbye to another wonderful season of snow. Many moments stick out in my mind from a winter of both seasoned winter adventures, and a few individuals who have only seen snow a handful of times in their lives. Epic snowshoeing adventures in four foot snowdrifts, x-country skiing debacles ranging from super slick conditions to even a snapped pole by one of our guides were uncommon but entertaining, and of course beautifully still starry nights out on the frozen lake. I will miss the Columbians and their ungloved skiing antics, the Ole Mississippi university group who had endless energy and excitement, and of course Unionville High School with their polar dips into the lake, but it is the relaxed conversations in the deep couches by the fire or over home cooked meals that really cement the ideal of the winter experience in my mind.

Thank you to everyone who visited us for a great experience out there on the trails. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the bush, perhaps in a canoe or on a hiking trail in the seasons to come!

Matt Rothwell ( lead winter guide)

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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Dutchmen, a writer, and the ER

Who knew that one of our final trips of the winter would be such a splash. Trekking across beaver dams as the ice melted off the pond, variations of card games taught by our five Dutch guests, and unbelievable dinner conversations (lets just say that working in the ER of a hospital gives you plenty of experiences to talk about… thanks Fergus). We laughed, we played, hit the sauna, we dined, and even the occasional adult beverage was consumed.

All in all, a great last trip.

Cheers to our guests and Peacock my fellow guide,


Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Adventuresome Youth of Unionville High

With all the swirling comments about the youth of today not getting out into nature enough anymore it was excellent to host the outdoors class from Unionville High School for the weekend. The spent a night outside in a tarp shelter they created they day they arrived, made tracks on their snowshoes, bonded as a class, and amazingly enough did the polar dip in Surprise Lake! As a matter of fact, several of them sprinted the run from the sauna to the hole in the ice and back several times. This definitely put to rest some of the worries that society has about our youth’s sense of adventure in the wilderness, at least in the minds of us guides at the Algonquin Log Cabin.

Matt Rothwell, Gill Dagg, & Dave Peacock

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