Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its Negative 40 Celsius and I am All Alone

I wake up to my clanging alarm clock and recognize that it has been a colder night than usual, as the cabin is feeling a little frosty. Getting out of the warm sleeping bag is tough, but once I manage to feel my way outside to stoke the fires in our fire places I notice on the thermometer that it is registering well below the bottom of the scale, and that is –30 degrees Celsius. No wonder the trees are creaking, the air is so crisp, and my nostrils feel the light sting of the cold! I am positive that I won’t be seeing any of the birds at our feeders today, but with such cold weather should come some fantastic skiing conditions. Too bad there isn’t anyone to adventure in this true north winter up at the log cabin currently, I’ll just have to make sure that the sauna is toasty to come back to for an après ski.

Matt Rothwell