Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Setting up the Wall Tent

Jody and I have been busy setting up the wall tent at the end of Surprise Lake. The wall tent, a popular option for enthusiastic outdoor groups staying at the log cabin , sure takes a lot of wood in the stove to keep it comfortable! Our first night in the tent was quite comfortable inside while it was twenty below outside ! We awoke to a stunning clear day, and the lack of wind meant the thin layer of snow on the lake ice provided for a long lasting record of animal tracks! There were abundant moose tracks, fox, and snowshoe hare crisscrossing our sled tracks from the day before. When I went out for a ski in the bright afternoon sun, I was excited to come across wolf tracks. Following them for a bit, I was surprised to come up to Jody’s and my tracks from an hour before, where the two sets of wolf tracks veered off their earlier course and pursued ours. Puzzled, and a little apprehensive, I looked over my shoulder to see if perhaps they were intent on catching up to my ski tracks. The wide still expanse of bright white betrayed no movement. I skied alongside the tracks for a few minutes more, coming to where the wolf tracks finally diverged again from the human tracks and continued on their relaxed way across the lake. How neat to have the tables turned; it made me wonder who was investigating whom!

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