Saturday, December 29, 2007

Following the Wolf Pack

This group of avid skiers is sure keen to get their post-Christmas dose of outdoor exercise! A higlight has definitely been sighting wolf tracks while skiing accross Surprise Lake. As we skirted the lake towards The Narrows, we came accross first one set of fresh wolf tracks, then a dozen metres away a second, and then again a third set of tracks, all coming out of the forest, joining up and setting out accross the lake. As we followed them we saw that they were in pursuit of a set of deer tracks. We began following the tracks to see the culmintation of the pursuit, hoping for a carrion sighting. It was to no avail. Wolves have an immense home range and as they are such efficient travellers they can easily cover 50km in a day. The wolves may have caught up with their prey, but it was too far for us!. The daylight was fading and we were soon on our way back to the Lodge for a 'hotter than the Finns could handle' sauna, and then a super meal by Joe the chef.

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