Saturday, November 25, 2006

50 things every Canadian should do in winter

The November issue of Explore- Canada’s outdoor magazine- has an interesting article and list of the 50 things every Canadian should do in a winter. Top 10 on their list

1. “Try speed skating”
2. Stay at an “original” lodge
3. Go to one of three listed resort bars
4. Learn about avalanches
5. Stand at Portage and Main
6. Ski a world Loppet series
7. Go dog sledding
8. Go for run on snowshoes
9. Learn to ski moguls
10. Ski a famous mogul run

For the rest of the list, pick up a copy of their November issue. If you are keen on knocking of any of the top 10 – three are available by signing on to our Algonquin Log Cabin or Algonquin Cottage Outpost winter adventures. (stay at an original{ rustic/ no electricity lodge}, go dog sledding and have a run on snowshoes

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