Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Countdown to summer at the cottage!

With a few 30 degree days behind us, it sure feels like summer! Ben (7) and Ana (4) swung into our office this afternoon with popsicles asking when we are all going to the cottage. They are so excited about going north... They are buzzing about talking about swimming to the raft “by them self!”, catching “big bass” and building “secret forts on the forest trail.”

My family is part of the great Canadian summer tradition of leaving the city for a cottage or “camp” or somewhere on or near a fresh water lake. The Globe and Mail reported two weeks ago that one out of every 10 Canadians has a family cottage and another 27% visit, rent or stay at a cottage very summer. Amazing to see these numbers. I also found it interesting to read that the number is rising – especially with new Canadians. Fantastic!

For those looking for a cottage getaway this summer, our Algonquin Cottage Outpost has 3 chalet suites/ cottages with two docks, floating raft and amazing canoeing/ kayaking / biking/ hiking.

Our Algonquin Log Cabin can also play a role in offering lakeside relief to those looking to escape the heat. Weekend and mid week packages are available all summer – with transportation from downtown Toronto.

And for the intrepid…… our Algonquin canoe trips offer yet another way to escape and cool off!