Monday, March 20, 2006

Go Fish! (at Algonquin Park)

Algonquin Park offers excellent trout fishing. In 1990, both the largest lake trout and speckled trout caught in Ontario came from interior lakes in Algonquin. Speckled trout are the pride of Algonquin trout fishing. People come from all over North America to fish for the "brookies". Algonquin’s interior spring fed lakes offer excellent speckled trout fishing, as does the South River that flows west out of the Park.

May and June offer excellent Lake trout fishing- without the need to troll or hauling specialized equipment. With the cold water, Lakers can be caught at or near the surface with spinning or fly equipment. As soon as the ice is out, our local area heads into North Tea Lake where the Lake Trout are caught by casting from shore or from a canoe. From the Algonquin Cottage Outpost you can paddle and portage your way into North Tea Lake for some quality fishing. We have hosted a number of fishing enthusiasts at the Cottage Outpost.

Not to be forgotten the bass fishing on Kawawamog Lake is superb. This past season, we had several fishing parties who were very successful both fishing off the dock and from a canoe. The picture below is of my son Ben ( 3 at the time ) and my friend Gary with a 3 lb small mouth- caught on Ben’s first ever cast ! Bass season opens on the last weekend in June.

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