Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jobs at Algonquin Park

For those of you who are looking to get out of the city and are looking for some meaningful work, consider a full or part time position at Algonquin’s northwest corner with Voyageur Quest. On top of our full time positions at the Algonquin Log Cabin and Algonquin Cottage Outpost, our company has an extended family of part – time guides and support staff- many of which work just one or two trips a year. The qualifications and experience necessary for each position can be found can be at http://www.voyageurquest.com/staff.php

Traditional Winter Expedition to Algonquin

While most Canadians know about the birchbark canoe, fur trade and native Canadian life in the warm weather, few know about our traditions of traveling in winter. Craig MacDonald of Dwight, Ontario has spent much of his life learning and chronicling traditional winter skills from Canada’s first nations. Without Craig, Bob Davis and others who have brought back the traditions, many of us would not know what an Odawban (toboggan) is or how to set up the pickets for the portable wood stove. It is interesting to learn how relevant and useful these tried and true techniques are today. Recently Craig, Bob and a few friends set off for a two-week winter expedition through the north west of Algonquin Park. Have a look at the trip report by clicking here:


Monday, February 06, 2006

Be our Valentine this winter

On Saturday February 4, 2006 the Globe & Mail featured the Algonquin Winter Adventure for Two as one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day. We couldn’t agree more! Have a peak at the article here!

Designed with romance in mind, this magical winter multi-adventure guarantees a weekend for couples to discover adventure together. Snowshoe to a private lunch in the forest, tandem snowmobile through a winter wonderland, skate on a torch lit rink under the stars, and enjoy wine & cheese in front of the fireplace in a private chalet suite. The best part is that we don’t put a deadline on romance! The Algonquin Winter Adventure for Two is available beginning in January through to the end of March.

Spring, Summer and Fall Adventure for Two's are available May through October.

Friday, February 03, 2006

January Photo Contest Submissions

Thank you to everyone that sent in photos from a Voyageur Quest and the Algonquin Log Cabin trip during January 2006. All photos have been entered into our 2006 Photo Contest.
Please click on the below photo to visit the January Photo Gallery:

Photo submitted by: Stephan Tretter
Algonquin 3-Day Winter Lodge Adventure
January 26-29, 2006

Did you join us on a trip in January?
If you did and haven't yet sent in your photos please send them to