Monday, August 22, 2005

Algonquin canoeing into Moose!

Last Friday, two of our guests arrived a few hours late for the start of their Algonquin Park canoe trip. Unfortunately our canoe trip had already left. Two of our Canoe Outpost staff, Mike and Biz, offered to help canoe with the couple into Algonquin so that they could find their fellow trip mates.

The group paddled away from the canoe outpost late Friday afternoon and headed across Kawawaymog Lake into Algonquin Park. Three hours later, they caught up with our trip on North Tea Lake just before darkness set in. With our guests reunited with their trip, and a hot tea and snack in front of the camp fire, Mike and Biz left the group to return back to the Canoe Outpost. The night was dark as they began the paddle back up and around the many bends of the Amable du Fond River. Some time after the first portage, a mist formed and the visibility became non existent. They proceeded along very slowly seeing only a few feet in front of the canoe. Suddenly the canoe hit what they thought was a dead head until they saw the tree move!! They had paddled straight into a moose feeding in the marshy reeds!!! Startled, the moose lumbered off. Just as startled - Biz and Mike carried on safely back to the Canoe Outpost !