Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ontario Dog Sledding Memories

I was shocked to learn about a tragic accident that took the life of John Daley (see photo above). I spent a winter working with John and am very sad to hear about his passing on. I took some time today to go through an old photo album filled with dog sled pictures taken from Voyageur Quest’s first season offering Ontario Dog sledding trips. That year, 1993, we teamed up with John‘s Windigo Chain Outfitters and operated 4 day dog sled trips to Temagami’s Diamond Lake. John’s dogs were really outstanding - incredibly trained. We started the trips with an orientation and practice run at Andorra Lodge before heading down the Red Squirrel Road for 3 days and two nights in heated wall tents. Our guests loved the experience John was the consummate alpha male himself- if a dog was really out of control, he would wrestle the dog to ground and bite the dog’s lip. The dog would immediately settle down and John would carry on – with a blood frozen to his handle -bar mustache. Another memory of John - traveling down Diamond Lake at full speed on the last morning of a trip, looking across to see John’s team really flying - with John doing a headstand on his sled. He will be missed.