Friday, March 26, 2004

March Break Deep Freeze at the Cottage Outpost

Eva, Ben, Ana and I recently enjoyed a winter getaway during March break with two other young families at the Algonquin Cottage Outpost. We were all looking forward to warm days snowshoeing, skating, ice fishing and making maple taffy in the snow. Turns out the warm weather took a left turn and we had mid January-like conditions with day time highs of -19c! Suffice to say, the sap was not running and we did not linger long at the ice shack out on Lake Bernard where we had planned on having a relaxing bbq with reggae music and cold drinks!! .

Back to winter mode as we enjoyed days snowshoeing, making snow forts and catching up with old friends. Both Mike and Tom were instrumental in building the Log cabin and it has been fun to have their families over to our newly renovated Cottage Outpost. The 3 units are ideal for circumstances like these when there are 3 families that know each other. Each can have their own chalet suite or cottage but we all gather for meals in the big Magnetawan dining room/ kitchen. With a total of 12, we were ideal for the 3 (two bedroom) units.