Monday, January 26, 2004

Dog Sledding on Algonquin Park's Sunday Lake Rd

I was out Dog sledding on Algonquin Park’s Sunday Lake Rd last week with musher Dave Freymond. It was a real pleasure to be out on the trail again with Dave.

Voyageur Quest began working with Dave in 1994 when we were operating winter trips out of Source Lake and Camp Pathfinder. More recently, Dave has been helping out with 3 day Algonquin Dog sledding trips to his backcountry cabin on Madawaska lake.

We enjoyed a classic day trip with blue skies, lot’ snow and happy well trained dogs. Dave reminded me that he has yet to see the video footage of the Outdoor Journal television show that dig a segment on Algonquin Dog sledding with Voyageur Quest.
Dave, here you go. …. Enjoy ! Thanks to Reno Viola for this clip.

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