Saturday, December 27, 2003

Ice skating during the Christmas Holidays

After some fun and festive days celebrating Christmas in Toronto, we left this morning to head up to the Cottage Outpost for some Christmas Holiday winter fun. We arrived around lunch and were welcomed with brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures around -1c.. Ben and Ana were immediately jumping through the snow down towards the lake. They came running back to tell Eva and I to come down to the “rink”. When we caught up to them, we discovered that James and Abby have outdone themselves and have shoveled a massive rink!
Thank you guys !!

The ice could not be more perfect. The warm sun had created a flooding effect and the rink was like glass. I tied Ben’s skates up and he took off like he has been skating all his short 4 year old life !! Ana at 2 is not yet stating yet so we put her on my shoulders and Eva, Ben, Ana and I skated around and around. The temperature continued to rise and soon a massive mist was heading across the lake. In seconds we were skating “in the clouds”. We took off the skates and walked around in the mist ! It was really bizarre.. here we are at 3pm and you can’t t see 10 feet in front of you!

Later that night, James and Trevor brought our Log Cabin trip over for a torch lit skate. The night was mild with amazing stars and the sound of skates on ice. What better way to celebrate the Christmas holidays than to skate on a beautiful Algonquin lake!

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